Chris Thompson has been practising Pilates since 2002 and completed training with Body Control in 2014 as a Pilates and Reformer Certified Teacher, qualified to teach Matwork Pilates and is REPS (register of Exercise Professionals) Level 3 accredited.

As member of The Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA), Europe’s largest professional Pilates body, Chris participates in annual development programmes to continually improve and develop her knowledge and skills.

Chris offers regular classes that run alongside school term times, where sizes are strictly set to a maximum of 12 and are very much ‘hands on’ to ensure correct alignment and posture at all times. Private sessions can be booked for yourself or to share one with a partner or friend.

Chris Thompson

Attention to detail is the key to getting the most from your classes, but I also believe they should be friendly and enjoyable!

Chris Thompson Chris Thompson

Summary of Qualifications

  • Body Control Pilates Pilates for Performance
  • Body Control Pilates for Runners
  • Pilates for Bone Health
  • Mbodies Myofascial Release
  • Level 3 Pilates Mat Work with Body Control Pilates ®
  • Level 3 Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Back4Good Practitioner - Lower Back Pain
  • Studio Equipment - Reformer Qualified
  • Member of Body Control Association
  • First Aid / CPR trained

I firmly believe that you have to give a little back to your body to get the most out of it. I am a mum, a runner, a tennis player, a cyclist, a skier and a dog walker. All of these have made me really appreciate the value of doing Pilates on a regular basis. Like lots of people, I found that as I got a bit older doing sports and life got harder on my body, and I started to get niggling aches and stiffness. Pilates has enabled me to manage my own body without giving up the activities I love, and that is a real inspiration in my teaching.
Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson Chris Thompson
  • I always come away from Chris's classes feeling that every muscle in my body has been stretched yet every week is different so there is no chance of getting bored and always feel so good afterwards. (Mrs L.S September 2019)

    Mrs L.S
  • I haven't been to Zoetic Pilates before Chris began these classes, but now I am hooked! It's fun but serious as well, as we make our bodies work to get stronger and more supple!! Definitely to be continued!  ( M.J-D.)

    M.J-D. M.J-D.
  • Love the class - instruction is always clear and the atmosphere is non intimidating and friendly.  ( H.B.)

    H.B. H.B.
  • Brilliant mens class on a Thursday evening. Highly recommend Chris and her approach to Pilates. (Mr M.H November - 2019)

    Mr M.H
  • I would not like to be without Chris's classes. In my mid sixties having attended for a couple of years I know that I am stronger, I am more aware of my posture and I have lost little niggly problems in my arm and shoulder. I always joke that I need another turn of my scarf now in cold weather - instead of hunching into my shoulders I walk with my head up "lengthening up through the spine" and I feel much the better for it! The venue is warm and clean, and Chris is most particular about the cleanliness and suitability of the kit.  The classes are calm, and focused, never pressured and always encouraging, even if I can't always do everything to the highest level. We all feel gently challenged to improve on our own performance but never in comparison to others - in fact I am usually concentrating so hard I'm not really aware of what the others are doing. Chris knows our personal idiosyncrasies and offers alternatives if an exercise is not suitable for a particular individual, but she manages not to make us feel singled out. I have never come away feeling other than energised and enthusiastic. The classes are well planned, with enough familiar exercises for us to feel comfortable, but there are always new ones or a different extension to an old favourite to keep us (sometimes literally) 'on our toes'. ( E.P.)

    E.P. E.P.
  • I love my pilates class with Chris from Zoetic.  As a relative 'newbe' I was slightly anxious that I wouldn't be able to keep up, but Chris explains everything in a clear and friendly fashion and within a few weeks I was attempting the slightly more advanced movements.  I thoroughly recommend the class. (Anne)

  • Very clear instruction and careful observation that exercises are being carried out correctly. I have been working on exercises I can remember in between classes and already feeling good results. Venue is lovely as the hall has recently been renovated and is warm. Chris inspires her clients to want to do their very best!  ( G.F.)

    G.F. G.F.