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A useful list of 30 common Pilates terms

Frequently Asked Questions

You will really benefit from one session a week, but continued regular practice at home will be hugely beneficial, particularly at the beginning. Three times a week would be ideal.

Not at all, Pilates is suited to all ages as it is low-impact. The best thing about Pilates is that it is for everyone, both women and men, all ages and abilities!

Many men including professional athletes such as Andy Murray, David Beckham and Andrew Flintoff all practice Pilates. It holds many benefits for men who can rise to the challenge — yes, it’s hard!

Pilates is particularly good for sporty, athletic men to increase performance levels and to prevent injury, or for older men who would like to maintain their hip, shoulder and spinal mobility in order to continue doing the sports or activities they enjoy.

Zoetic runs a dedicated Men’s Pilates Class once a week.


Andrew Flintoff, former England fast bowler, on the advice he got from Mike Atherton, former England cricket captain, on how to tackle his back problems. Flintoff took the advice and was soon back to fitness and form

Athers suggested I try daily Pilates exercises. He swore by them.


Andy Murray, Tennis Player

I started doing Pilates a few weeks ago which I think has already helped. I did three or four Pilates sessions and my body feels good compared to the last few years when I’ve come here so hopefully I’ll be good to go for the next two weeks. Right now I feel good, I’ve practised well the last few days and not been waking up with soreness or stiffness.


Comfortable but close fitting clothing is ideal as we need to check posture and alignment at all times. Non-slip socks or bare feet are fine. Gentlemen, if you wear shorts please ensure they are close fitting or wear cycling style shorts underneath.

All equipment will be provided for classes and 1-1s but if you would like to purchase your own head cushions and mat for home practice these can be purchased in the online shop at (or by phone).

Pilates works from the inside out so some patience is essential with learning, but Joseph Pilates said – “In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty you’ll see the difference, and in thirty you’ll have a new body.”

Pilates is about flexibility, posture, movement and core strength. By educating your muscles to work in a better way and improving your strength and alignment you can help correct the physical imbalances which creep into your body through overusing some muscles and under using others.

There is often a spiritual element to Yoga which is not evident in most Pilates sessions. The awareness of what is mobilising and what is stabilising at joint level, is key to good alignment in Pilates.

Audio Guided Warm-Up

An audio recording from Chris that is intended for clients who are already attending Zoetic’s classes or 1 to 1’s and would like some extra practice in between sessions.

Further Reading

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